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Here To Help

An Office That Goes The Extra Mile:

A community service provided by staff that care

You could be forgiven to think that the Constituency Office at O’Loughlin Road was a type of citizen’s information centre. It has simply become that.

Since 1997, John McGuinness and his team of dedicated staff have worked tirelessly for individuals, families, residents groups, charities and sports organisations. The O’Loughlin Road office has become a community pillar since John’s first election.

This is a service that John set out to provide in order to bridge the gap between local communities and government organisations.

His aim was to ensure that everybody in Kilkenny and Carlow had professional representation both locally and nationally. No issue is turned away and everyone is welcome.


“We follow every issue through to the end, no matter how big or small. We are here to help and take great pride in doing so,” said Andrew McGuinness.

“I get great satisfaction working with John and being part of such a dedicated team. I believe in him and the work that he does for his constituents. He is dedicated, passionate and very hard working.

He expects the same from his staff and we take great pride in our work,” he said.

“People have come to trust us when it comes to seeking assistance with various issues from national policy making to social welfare or housing issues or even just helping elderly people to complete application forms when they may not have anybody else to assist them,” he said.

“The office provides support, advice and assistance to individuals, families and communities throughout Carlow/Kilkenny. John is available 24/7, his mobile phone number is public property and there are many people in this constituency, who will attest to the fact that he will go hard miles for every genuine case brought to his attention, and their lives are better because of the work John and the staffs here carries out every day.

The Constituency Office, located at O’Loughlin Road, Kilkenny, is open six days a week with regular Clinics where you can drop in and discuss your issues face to face with John. He is available every Saturday from 10:30 am to 1 pm and Andrew, a member of Kilkenny County Council, is available at the same time every Wednesday. COVID-19 UPDATE Please note: clinic and meetings are be appointment. Please call 0567770672.

While this service has become a community pillar, the harsh reality of politics is that it only exists as long as John McGuinness is elected to represent the people of Carlow and Kilkenny.

“Many people do not understand that the Constituency Office would have to close if John is not re-elected at election time, removing from the constituency an important social support centre,” said Andrew.

“I see John work long hours and attend to busy clinics every Saturday. He has certainly been there for the people of Carlow/Kilkenny when they needed him most,” concluded Andrew McGuinness.

Meet The Team


Cllr. Andrew McGuinness

Andrew works closely with his father, extending a family commitment to politics that goes back generations.


John McGuinness T.D.

Courage, Commitment, Care - John McGuinness T.D. A politician who cares and fights fir what is right.

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