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Newstalk Interview with John McGuinness

A Government TD has accused Cabinet Ministers of 'not doing their job properly' when it comes to managing the pandemic.

Fianna Fáil TD for Carlow-Kilkenny John McGuinness also specifically criticised the Health Minister for 'bad' and 'poor' management.

He was speaking amid anger among TDs over the delaying of re-opening indoor dining.

Deputy McGuinness told The Hard Shoulder the Government is trying to shift the blame.

"I thought it was a very poorly communicated decision, and I have witnessed the various ministers that sit around [the] Cabinet table now trying to push the blame towards Tony Holohan and others running for cover.

"When in fact, they could have and should have discussed this more openly with Tony Holohan and with their colleagues in Cabinet.

"The Government with Tony Holohan are managing this pandemic and our response to it.

"And I have to say that I find it hard to believe that this letter from Tony Holohan was the first that they had learned of the difficulties that were coming up in terms of the Delta variant.

"They should have known it and they should have been planning far in advance of the announcement.

"And when the announcement was made, they should have been a lot more informative.

"They came out and they said 'We're not opening' and gave no date - even an indicative date - of when they might open.

"These small businesses have been investing in their staff, investing in their stocks, investing in their businesses - suddenly to be told 'We're not opening this day either' - it simply isn't good enough."

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