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Hebron House - An Illegal Dump and Make Shift Equine Centre

McGuinness demands immediate action

Hebron House Kilkenny - Deputy John McGuinness & Cllr. Andrew McGuinness
Hebron House - An illegal dump site

Located on the opposite side of the Ring Road to McDonalds on the Hebron Road, Hebron House or what some locals call Mansfield’s House, has been completely taken over with mounds of household rubbish and what appears to be a facility for horses according to local Councillor Andrew McGuinness who has been raising this issue for years.

Cllr Andrew McGuinness again raised the issue of Hebron House at the November meeting of Kilkenny County Council. He has brought it to the council’s attention on several occasions previously, including a site visit in 2017 which revealed a substantial illegal rubbish dump.

“Its shocking to see how this property has been used and abused illegally over the years. It must stop and those responsible need to be brought to justice,” said Andrew.

“I have been in the property. Every room is stacked from floor to ceiling with illegally dumped household rubbish, over a dozen horses can be seen in the surrounding green space with little or no food or water and no shelter. There is a path worn in the field between the house and the Ring Road and a make shift gate that was also illegally put in,” he said.

“Two years ago, following my representations, the house was searched and illegal activity seemed to calm down. However, only weeks later it was back to square one and the law is being flaunted blatantly for all to see,” he continued.

“Young children are regularly witnessed crossing the busy main road to enter the property dragging a horse or being dragged by a horse. Its highly dangerous for the children and for road users and of course its cruel on the animals too. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“It’s disgraceful that this abuse of a private property, neglected or not, still continues in full view of all of us. It’s disgraceful that so many horses are hidden away behind the building too. But worst of all, it’s disgraceful that this is happening in full sight and going unpunished.

“I’m calling on the Gardai and the Council to put an end to this. I want to see those responsible prosecuted and, at the same time, the landowners need to take responsibility and I understand they are being pursued by Kilkenny County Council,” said Cllr. Andrew McGuinness.

Speaking on the issue, Deputy John McGuinness said, “Immediate action is needed to put an end this. It has been tolerated for long enough and the local community are furious that it has not been resolved. I urge the Council to deal with the property under the derelict sites act and the Gardai to enforce the law.

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