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O’ Loughlin Road office provides fantastic public service.

Every T.D. needs Good Women! Whatever about the political debate now in progress, there is one point that even his political opponents agree with:

The office that John McGuinness and Ann Bergin run in O’Loughlin Road provides a public service that has never been experienced before in this constituency or, perhaps, in the country. If McGuinness is not re-elected the loss of the office would be a huge blow to the people of Carlow/Kilkenny.

Ann Bergin has been John’s secretary since he was first elected to the Dáil in 1997. She has an extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations that people have to battle with in their daily lives. We spoke to her in O’Loughlin Road and asked her what it was like working for people and for a T.D. whose reputation for hard work is legendary.

I have great respect for John, he never does less than his best and everyone who helps in the office does the same. The work itself is challenging, because you really do have to know the rules and regulations on passports, planning, social welfare, health, the list is endless, but its very satisfying helping people” said Ann “John’s commitment to public service is absolute.

He is conscious of the trust placed in him by the people of Carlow/Kilkenny and he is determined to do his best. In the course of any one week he would meet 70 or 80 people – 50 of these in his Saturday clinics.
We are involved in doing the work which flows from those meetings and taking calls from the public, government and local government departments. Its hard but satisfying work and we have our tiffs, but never for long and usually about nothing

Ann said that the office gives great support to communities, families and individuals throughout Carlow/Kilkenny. She said that there is a huge demand for the service the office provides and it would certainly be missed if it had to close, because John was not re-elected.

"While I do not expect that to happen I know that this is an election where the people, who know what John McGuinness does and the worth of the service he provides, must go out and vote for him and ensure, if they can, that their families and friends do the same” said Ann “John McGuinness is an exceptional politician. His work rate, commitment and ability is extraordinary. I am proud to work for him and I hope the people of Carlow/Kilkenny will remember on polling day that this man has stood up for them and has done his best for them since he entered the Dail in 1997"

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