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Over 200,000 children waiting for healthcare in Ireland

€1 billion overspend and still no solution says McGuinness

Child in Hospital bed
Over 200,000 children waiting for healthcare in Ireland

Deputy John McGuinness has heavily criticised the Governments over spend of a billion Euro on a children’s hospital yet no solution for what he describes as a state of emergency in our healthcare system.

Following Fianna Fáil’s Health Spokesperson Stephen Donnelly’s uncovering of shocking figures from the HSE that show 214,737 children were waiting for hospital treatment, Deputy McGuinness has called on the Government to provide solutions, not press releases and to get their priorities straight or face the public for an election.

“Many children are waiting for years, often for primary care supports like speech and language, and others for critical operations for conditions such as scoliosis,” said Deputy McGuinness.

“Every week at my Clinics I hear cases of sick children in need of urgent surgery, special needs children in urgent need of therapeutic supports like speech and language and occupational therapy, children waiting for psychology, for diagnostic scans, and much more. These are serious cases and the Government are simply ignoring the fact that they are waiting ridiculous lengths of time,” he said.

“The figures are absolutely shocking. Many of these children are in pain and some are deteriorating as they wait, getting worse with time. Its not good enough and the Government seem to be turning a blind eye. This is just another example of many where this Government are failing in health care. These children and their families deserve solutions immediately,” concluded John McGuinness

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