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PAC to resume examination of CRC on receipt of special report from HSE

The Committee of Public Accounts will resume its examination of the Central Remedial Clinic after the receipt of a special report from the HSE.

The PAC Chairman John McGuinness TD received an update on the work being undertaken at the CRC at a meeting with the administrator John Cregan yesterday, 22 January.

Deputy McGuinness TD said: “At present the Administrator is overseeing the delivery of services at the CRC. This includes delivering the change needed in governance structures and, in that regard, a new board will be appointed, a new CEO will be appointed and that post will most likely be advertised next week. Accounts are being prepared that will be audited with a view to giving maximum disclosure. The administrator is also preparing a report on the legacy issues that have arisen in terms of the adequacy of governance and controls, remuneration, the use of charitable funds and issues relating to the CRC Medical Devices company.

“The Administrator is working to a deadline of 31st March in terms of finishing up his work with the CRC and thereafter he will give a report on his findings to the Director General of the HSE.

“Based on a frank discussion with the administrator, I took assurances that a comprehensive piece of work will be delivered and this will form the basis of the further examination that the PAC must have with the board and staff, including the former chief executives of the CRC.

“The Administrator informed me that he was getting excellent co-operation from the staff but outlined some concerns, including the fact that the constant dripping of information was having a negative impact on the staff and was impacting on morale.”

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