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Residents Have Their Say on Nowlan Park Parking Issues

Residents Have Their Say on Nowlan Park Parking Issues

Nowlan Park Parking Issues
Nowlan Park Parking Issues

Over the last number of months Deputy John McGuinness has been in ongoing discussions with the GAA, Gardai and Kilkenny County Council ion a bid to resolve the parking issues associated with Nowlan Park. A number of meetings took place with the local T.D.

Following on from that, Cllr. Andrew McGuinness put forward a formal proposal to Kilkenny County Council to establish a committee consisting of local residents, the GAA, Gardai, County Council and any other agency involved. The committee would then work towards a solution to relieve the parking issues.

The first meeting took place in November and was very positive with many worthwhile suggestions and a willingness for all involved to work together until all of the issues are resolved.

Speaking after the meeting, Deputy John McGuinness said, “the frustrations and views were expressed by the residents today. Possible solutions were discussed. The Gardai, GAA and Council engineers listened and took notes. The ball is in their court now and I hope a positive result will come out of today’s meeting and I look forward to the next meeting. I will be watching this and working with the local residents until this issue is put to bed once and for all.”

“Nobody at the meeting spoke against the GAA. People in the area are proud of Nowlan Park but the parking problem has caused distress for residents for decades and must be solved now,” he continued.

Councillor Andrew McGuinness said, “I believe the solution is a multi-agency approach - The GAA need to warn match goers that indiscriminate parking will simply not be tolerated. The Gardai need to strictly enforce the law and make an example of those who ignore the warning by ticketing every illegally parked vehicle. Kilkenny County Council are opening County Hall car park on match days, McDonagh Junction has almost 2,000 spaces and there are many car parks within walking distance.”

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